Executive Producer

Carolyn Carew is an award-winning Executive Producer with 30 years’ experience in producing world-class and Internationally acclaimed feature films, documentaries, high-end television dramas, youth formatted shows, commercials, co-productions, social marketing campaigns and servicing. Her core skills include negotiating deals for co-productions, accessing commercial projects, raising of finance for films and TV dramas, script development, production, distribution, professional networking, new talent scouting including skills development and mentoring.

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Executive Director

A highly-experienced top-level executive company Director, with 15 years’ experience in roles including Managing Director and Senior Vice-President which are C-suite positions. Judi has wide-ranging expertise in diverse areas such as, energy solutions and public service broadcasting and has worked at the executive level within these sectors. Additionally, she chairs the Board of a non-profit organization and has had an influential role within this, alongside her private Boards, where she serves as Director or Chairperson, in both listed and private companies. Key skills include strong leadership and interpersonal skills, coupled with business capabilities, which have allowed her to turn companies around and become highly profitable.



Tsholo Mashile is an award-winning producer with over 20 years experience. Tsholo produced “Farewell Ella Bella” in 2018, which has been screened in cinemas in South Africa as well as at a number of global film festivals. Tsholo is an industry expert with her wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with co-production applications, compliance, finance models and the requirements for the film tax incentives offered by the Department of Trade and Industry Film(DTI) Incentives, the National Film and Video Foundation’s (NFVF) and KwaZulu Natal Film Commission.


Executive Head of Development

As a South African, Kamscilla moved to London in the early eighties to study law. Whilst at University, she took up a position at a small community newspaper, the Caribbean Times, in London. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) liked a story she wrote and invited her to be a researcher for their new magazine programme, Ebony. The six-week contract lasted six years. She also researched and produced factual content for Channel 4 in London and MNET in South Africa. Upon returning to South Africa, she spent 10 years as an independent factual and entertainment filmmaker.