“It takes more than a pill.”

Writer / Director Lwazi Mvusi

Producers Free Women Films

Co-Producer: Mega Films

Sales Agent: FilmOption International


Viphoria is the brain child of pharmaceutical scientist Dr. Keletso Mabalane, a prodigy and the pride of medical scientific development in South Africa. With the financial assistance of a major pharmaceutical company, Keletso launches an intensive drug trial for Viphoria for the eventual distribution and sale to the general public once approved by the relevant medical regulatory bodies. The trial runs for three months at a wellness centre where each participant is given a daily dose of the drug and they are extensively monitored and studied by Keletso and her medical support team. After a seemingly successful run with a group of male participants, the film opens with the beginning of the female trial. A start which is threatened by the national news that one of the trial’s male participant’s committed suicide even after being “cured” by Keletso. Desperate to distract from this indictment against her drug, Keletso invites Liana Mthimkhulu to join the women’s trial.


A recent graduate in Cape Town unexpectedly finds herself in the middle of a quarter life crisis.  

Writer & Director Liese Kuhn (Twelve, Maar Iets Hierna)


During a time of rapid technological growth, online personas and a call for ecological heroism, Sam finds herself nearing her 25th birthday and has adopted what seems to be a fear surrounding the topic of death. An inordinate somewhat existential fear surrounding her own death, the death of those around her, the premature death of her not-yet-started career and perhaps even the death of the world’s itself. Sam refuses to be plagued by this anxiety and decides to be proactive about it instead. She puts together a playlist for her own funeral, amasses several self-help books and calming apps that vow to provide a sound mind and she avoids open windows should she trip and fall out of one. Despite the burgeoning sense of instability Sam tries to live a seemingly normal life by still attending friends’ bachelorette parties, babyshowers, work interviews and maintaining her responsibilities as an au pair. Extravagant Ways To Say Goodbye is a comical look