Producers Carolyn Carew, Tsholo Mashile and Kamscilla Naidoo

Season 1

Twelve outstanding young achievers from across Africa tackle some of the continent’s toughest challenges and promote the goal of an HIV-free generation in Season 2 of this social adventure reality show. This year three teams compete with one another in Abidjan, Mombasa and Soweto. They take on tough development challenges, and the team that’s the most effective, innovative, and mobilises the youngest people, will win

Season 2

Filmed in Botswana, Côte d’Ivoire and Uganda, this series goes inside the lives of nine dynamic characters selected for their compelling and challenging life circumstances. Through the eyes of three former Imagine Afrika contestants, viewers get to explore the characters’ day‐to‐day lives, hopes, challenges and aspirations; and share in their personal triumphs and traumas as they struggle with issues related to youth lifestyle, vulnerable children and prevention of mother‐to‐child transmission of HIV.


Producers Judi Nwokedi, Carolyn Carew and Tsholo Mashile


South Africa’s first reality TV series brings you the ultimate loveLife experience. A world without a script where two teams of typical young South Africans will compete for their “vision of the future” in the spectacularly rugged terrain of the Eastern Cape. Face-to-face with nature and entirely dependent on each other, wrestling with physical and mental challenges, racing the clock to beat the odds these two teams strive to shape their future.


S’camto gBs is back and this time two teams compete with each other living in the bush in the Limpopo Province. Racing against each other the objective is to outperform the other in tasks which are both physical and mental. This is not about bringing the other team down but by beating them through points gained by being humanitarians. In the wild bush of Mpumalanga – an area populated with leopards, crocodiles, snakes and a variety of insects – the groundBREAKERS will have to navigate their way through this adventure and face challenges every day. The bush environment symbolises their own rite of passage and journey into adulthood, where they encounter obstacles in everyday life. It’s not just about food and shelter for the teams, but also about personal and individual growth.


Now in its third season S’camtogB goes global engaging young people from around the world in a journey exploring aspirations and challenges that young people face in an increasingly globalized world. This social adventure profiles six young South Africans from diverse backgrounds as they travel the world in search of other young people who share similar dreams for their lives. Visit the world with the gB’s as they travel to Uganda, India, Mozambique, New York, Brazil and Hong Kong. Together these individuals collaborate in a challenging project designed to expose them to one another's life experience, challenges and expectations. At the same time the show serves as a forum for the local and foreign gBs to discuss issues of youth leadership, youth culture and concerns on a global platform! See how Proverb, Ntsiki Mazwai, Pales Mokubung and others showcase their path to success.