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Free Women Films can come on board your production as co-producers to bring 40% of the qualifying SA spend to the project or we can service your Foreign Location shoot in South Africa with a 25% rebate on the qualifying SA spend. Free Women Films has worked across 38 African countries as well as co-produced with UK, Germany, France, and Canada. SA has first class crew, equipment, studios and locations.


  • Assess project in terms of locations, story, script, cast, cost, budgets, equipment, accommodation, visa requirements, travel, requirements to SA
  • Decide on which fund to apply to
  • Put together a feeler board with pictures of locations, studios,
  • Compile shooting budget and scheduling on MMS
  • DTI Rebate Application –compile all paperwork and requirements


  • Once project green-lighted –set up SPV, Bank Account, Company Compliance PAYE, VAT,UIF with SARS
  • Set up Accounting Package
  • Legal agreements between the SPV and the Cast, Crew and Suppliers
  • Book all the locations, studios, crew, cast, equipment, flights, accommodation
  • Producer Insurance
  • Casting Director and Casting if required
  • Payroll-Cast and Crew
  • Line Producing and overseeing of production process


  • Provide the accounting on the production until all paid up and or post production is completed.
  • Includes the payments of cast and crew and VAT, PAYE, UIF etc
  • Payments and management of the International Cast Withholding Tax
  • Prep Final Audit for DTI Rebate, submission, liaison, clarifications.
  • Pay-out of Expropriation of funds